About the EBH3

The EBH3 is one of the longest running active hashes in the U.S., founded in 1979 and originally established as the Alamo Hash House Harriers. We typically run every other Sunday afternoon, gathering at the start location at 1p.m. Over the years EBH3 has become widely known for its scenic trail runs (usually set live) among the thousands of acres of open space and parks in our region. Cameraderie within the EBH3 is a hallmark and includes entertaining "religion" (circle) and high participation afterwards at the "on-on-on", either at a nearby pub or similar eatery with good food and good beer, or perhaps an occasional cookout. Anyone is welcome to participate and no experience or particular level of fitness is required, just a willingness to engage and have fun.



Butt Plug FRED

Hash Cash

Comes So Often

Hare Raiser

Dr. Kimble


My Little Spermaid

Religious Advisor


Trail Master

Little Johnson

Perl Necklace

Worst Bottom Ever

Web Master

E = MC Fucked

Email Test

Two Fuck Chuck


Eat My Pussy


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