Hash #776

Bastille Day Run - Redwood Regional Park; Canyon Meadow Staging Area

When: Sunday, July 10, 2011 - 1:00 PM
Hare(s): Lick It Off & Magoo
Details: 2nd Annual Bastille Day Run

Come out and run the French Trail

Start: Redwood Regional Park; Canyon Meadow Staging Area

Directions: For those with GPS see coordinates above or input 7867 Redwood
Road, Oakland, CA (the address of the park office) into your GPS.


From North or West either take 1) I-580 E and exit at 35th Ave making a
left onto 35th Ave and then continuing onto Redwood Road or 2 ) CA-13 South
and exit at Redwood Road, making a Left onto Redwood Road.

From South: take I-580 W bear right onto CA-13 and take Redwood Ave exit;
turn right onto Redwood Ave.

On Redwood Ave continue across Skyline Blvd approximately 2 miles and then
turn left into Park. Pay the $5 parking fee and continue, until you can not
go anymore, to Canyon Meadow Staging Area.

Parking is limited but there are a few overflow parking lots, most notably
Wayside Overflow parking lot just before Canyon Meadow Staging Area.

If you want to save $5 on parking you can try to park on Redwood Road
outside of the park and walk-in a half a mile.

The trail is dog friendly (on a leash) but stroller un-friendly. There are
stroller friendly trails available for a walk and there is a playground and
lots of open space for kids to run around so bring a blanket and hang out.