Hash #787

Rudgear Rd commuter parking lot - Rudgear Road and RT 680 in Walnut Creek

When: Sunday, December 11, 2011 - 1:00 PM
Hare(s): Sheep Style
Details: Start: Walnut Creek - Rudgear Road commuter parking lot - Rudgear Road and RT 680 (Exit 44)

GPS Coordinates: Walnut Creek: 37.879604,-122.048248

Hare Notes:

The trail is a mishmash of the city of Walnut Creek parks, open spaces, roads connecting them, and trails. The eagle will hit a minimum of 5 Walnut Creek parks, everyone will have more checks than you can count on your hands and toes, and most importantly as an East Bay Hash should be, it will be live and I am fully expecting to get caught.

Trail is dog friendly, and if you are ambitious with a stroller could be stroller friendly. There are a few sets of steps and broken down fences to go over. If you bring a stroller see me before I take off and I can give you work arounds.

There will be an Eagle and Turkey.

Trail "might" be A to B, so bring a hang-out bag and we'll figure out how to get
you back later. B is less than 1/2 mile from A if Hare decides to do this.