Hash #813

Franklin Park @ San Antonio Ave & Morton St, Alameda

When: Sunday, December 23, 2012 - 1:00 PM
Hare(s): CSI
Details: Start: Franklin Park @ San Antonio Ave & Morton St, Alameda

Hare Notes:

Trail will be SHORT! (<5miles) Trail will be FLAT! (it’s Alameda!) Trail will have FOUR Bar Stops!!! You heard me – FOUR BAR STOPS! Really. Yes, Really…. You got a Gypsy setting trail. And by “trail” I mean a stretched out pub crawl. That means: you need CASH and ID on trail or you will be a sad post-apocalyptic panda.... And if you want to *un – you might want to take care of that while we’re enjoying pre-trail mimosas.

Since this “trail” will undoubtedly go south quickly, and we may make some guerilla bar stops, and/or we may just decide we don’t want to leave any particular location…. I’ll post check-ins on the FB under SFH3’s group (since many of you are there anyway).

If you didn’t lose or destroy your hash holiday/santacon songbooks – Bring them!

If you bring your children of the 2- or 4-legged variety they may be required to sit outside.

PRELUBE: $10 bottomless mimosas are available from 9am-2pm at 1400 Bar & Grill, 1400 Webster St, Alameda (breakfast food – they have it; tried it – I have not)

Note: if you want to challenge "bottomless mimosas" - and I know you do - and you didn’t bring a DD, it’s a 0.9 mile walk (~20 minutes) from the pre-lube to the start: go south on Central – up to where Central splits, turn right at Bay St – 1 block, turn left on San Antonio – 2 blocks and you’re there.

ONONON: If we’re still standing, decided by mob-rule. My suggestions are Forbidden Island (TIKI!, some fried food available), Lucky13/Scolaris, or into Oakland for Beer Revolution (no food, but chicken and waffles are a few blocks away).

Note: the other side of this park is a fairly heavily used playground. The picnic area on this corner is separated by fencing/vegetation, has benches, reasonable amount of street parking, and more importantly I saw only 1 person over there. However, I highly recommend bringing your drinking vessel, and try not to look too creepy – this IS alameda.