Hash #951

Mostly Martinez - hilly, silly and pretty

When: Sunday, April 8, 2018 - 1:00 PM
Hare(s): Ida Bangder in the @ss for a Pac
Details: Golden Hills Park
1 Bernice Ln, Martinez

Please park on Blue Ridge Dr. at/near the intersection with Bernice Ln., then enter the park by walking north on Bernice Ln.

A to A, multiple turkey/eagle trail crossovers. Turkey ~5 mi., eagle ~7 mi.

There will be a walkers trail but this is mostly actual park trail with some shiggy. Not suitable for stroller-pushers.

Keep dogs leashed. There will be cows are everywhere and some are bound to be unhappy to be disturbed by a wayward canine.

One beer check.

Change of shoes recommended. Cannot guarantee no mud encounters. Trail shoes or running shoes suggested- some steep areas of narrow trails. Wear your damn shiggy socks because no one is responsible for you getting PO besides you. And if you do get it, alcohol cures everything.

On-on-on at Nu Rays? Because who can resist a local bar with this tag line- “no hooking, dealing, fighting or barfing’. Subject to change at pack's discretion.