Hash #971

Tilden Park, Indian Camp, Oakland

When: Sunday, January 13, 2019 - 1:00 PM
Hare(s): Do Her Well & Just Doesn't Get It
Details: Start will be at the Indian Camp parking lot at Tilden Park. This is the parking lot right next to Little Farm. Although there are lots of parking spots, this is a popular location that can fill up on the weekends, so carpooling might be advisable.

A Turkey Eagle split is in the forecast, with the Turkey likely from 3-4 and the Eagle 5-6. There will probably be an unmanned beer/drink check about midway through trail.

Not stroller friendly. Some of the trails we plan to run don't allow dogs-- they are still ok in the parking area.

Trail will contain shiggy-- depending on the amount in rain for the next two weeks it may be a wet one.

On-on-on location is at the whim of the pack.