Hash #994

25 or 27 Bella Vista Avenue San Anselmo

When: Sunday, December 1, 2019 - 1:00 PM
Hare(s): Dr. Kimble & Zydeco
Details: Sunday December 1 in beautiful Marin County. New start at White Hill Middle School, Fairfax, 1 p.m. start. Hare: Dr. Kimble. One mile out of Fairfax on Sir Francis Drake Blvd., look for the school crossing signs and turn right on Glen Drive. Park at the trailhead at the end of Glen Drive. Eagle/Turkey/Walker trails, scenic, hilly, shiggy of course, more so if it’s rained. Dogs OK.

After the run ($7) head back to Casa de Zydeco and Early to Bed in San Anselmo (the usual venue). Park at 25 or 27 Bella Vista Avenue or across SFD at the Red Hill (Safeway) Shopping Center. Bring your appetite for exquisite al fresco dining by chefs Zydeco and ETB for just $5 more, followed by the Tacky Gift Exchange! Shop early.

Rain is forecast for the first time this year both Saturday and Sunday, so think about a change of clothes or at least bring a second pair dry socks. The good news is that this makes for plenty of natural shiggy, maybe a stream or two to ford and perhaps a waterfall.